Every machine or breathing friendly or foe is programmed to interact differently with the player.

  • Enemy A.I.

There is a big diversity of enemies who want to cause harm and potentially kill you. They variety from swamp monsters and mutated frog-beetles to high-tech enemies and turrets.

Every enemy, before a level starts, has a number of stats automatically assigned on them such as HP, stanima, hunger, thirst and IQ thus changing the motivation the enemy A.I. has to cause harm to you.

  • Swamp Monsters

. Swamp monsters are the most common enemy the players will have to face while traverse around planet Gloria. They are slave alien creatures coming from different cultures and races captured by the main alien race called Enslavers by the humans. They are mostly scattered around maps collecting different materials. Most of them are light armored foes who use junk materials they lay around after the devastating war.

Their armament is also made out of junk materials making their weapons not really efficient. They are mostly ranged enemies but after shooting couple of times or if shot directly to their gun will cause them to break making them to grab a piece from their destroyed weapon and charge to the player in melee mode. There are many factors that change how these foes will attack you. When a certain map loads, it also determines certain stats as mentioned above. If the IQ is low then the swamp monsters would easily get distracted from other things. For example if the player is being chased by a foe with low IQ and if the hunger and/or thirst stat, and if an animal gets in their sight the monster will follow the animal so they can feed. But that makes them blind to the surrounding which makes them an easy target for the player to attack in parts where the foe armor doesnt cover. If a foe with high IQ faces the player and the player tries to run from it, their stanima will decrease causing them to run slower, but the same thing happens to the enemy too. If their stanima runs low they will stop chasing you and sit to recover energy. That is perfect moment for the player to throw the final attack or sneak behind them and continuing the mission.

  • Mutated creatures

Due to 3 year ongoing war many animals were evolving. Before the war planet Gloria was a beautiful planet with a huge diversity of flora and fauna. But during and after the war it changed a lot, it also has changed the life and appearances of many animals and flowers. One of the mutated animals is a frog-beetle combination.

After evolving they became predators, feeding on small animals. If faced with someone bigger than them they tend to group up and work as a team to bring their enemy to the ground. They are really agressive, move fast around the map and can be really dangerous for the player if they are not killed fast.

Their back is made with armor plates making them hard to kill. Their weak point is the veins they have under their neck, if its explored, frog-beetle lays down on ground with their legs up in the air showing their weak point.

  • Venus floor trap

Found mostly in forest areas, Venus Floor Trap is really dangerous plant. Hidden under the ground with only its teeth barely standing out and a flower that variates from the ground it is surrounded.

It can be a danger for everything that goes near it. If the player gets caught by 1 of these, he gets a bit of his health to decrease on bite and lower damage dealth every second lowering the player HP and killing them if not destroyed.

The player can trick its foes to step on the venus floor trap so they can have a clear shot or just pass thru them.

  • Enslavers

These are the invadors who initated war on Earth colony on planet Gloria. They are really dangerous foes since their armour is really hard to pierce and can be taken down only by electrocuting or with explosive ammo.

M.E. in A.I.

Machine Learning is coming to Traverse A.I. making your foes stronger by learning from previous combat fights, their mistakes, learn about the environment that surrounds them and how can they use it on their advantage to encounter the player. A.I. will have only basic features programmed on its core, all the possible outcomes they will make will be based on what they learn from you.

The purpose of this is to create an UNIQUE combat experience for every player based on the way they try to complete the game.

This is one of the hardest goals that we are trying to reach. We are not sure how it is going to work but we are doing everything possible to implement this.