3 Different ways!

You can chose to complete the game the way you feel more confident. We are working to create a vast and unique world for you to explore however you like it. You can choose between a stealthy approach, skillful combos, or blasting your way through the enemies.

Thru the missions Tamara looses one of her arms but with the help of a scientist she saves she gets a high-tech arm filled with nano-bots. They can help you to take different approaches and/or combine them together to complete 1 of 3 different possible endings which change on thet decisions you take in game.

  • Stealth

In stealth mode the arm can transform it self in a small spy cam to look around corners, through keyholes, manipulatinon of drones and machinery.

It also can be used to create suppressors for your weapons to take out the enemies you think you can not sneak from.

  • Skillfull Combos

in skillfull combos the arm can be transformed to a whip and hook which allows for fast-paced combat, by adding more nano-bots to the arm so it can extend and pull enemies, make them drop their weapons or pull the player toward structures.

  • Blasting your way out

Weapon support is aforementioned enhancement of guns, for those who prefer to shoot their way though the game, making bullets armor-piercing, shock the enemies with electric bullets and homing or proximity explosive. In this approach the player get better weapon recoil, higher stanima, and many other things that we're letting you to discover.

Above are some early concept art how the arm would look and feel

You also have a drone which can be used to scan for data terminals, resources, health packs, ammo and even ennemies. Once used, it has to be charged for a period of time before it is used again.

Jumping from high distances causes tremendous damage to the player's health but as well as broken bones. Slowing them down, not being able to run until they restore the health or get adrenaline packs.