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Introducing the resistance leader

Daniel Zhang the leader of the resistance is visually based on the multimillionaire and the king of high ticket sales, Dan Lok.

Born in 2098 to Chinese engineers on a still terraforming Mars, Daniel grew up in the crater city of Johannesburg surrounded by his parents' work and machinery. He showed an early interest in technology and space, closely following the developments of the nascent light-speed drives of the time while looking at distant stars at the public observatory every chance he got. 

 In 2119, at the age of 21, Daniel graduated the Hawking's University of Johannesburg with honors and went on to pursue a Ph.D., before being scouted by the Martian Space Agency (MSA) for his thesis on faster-than-light technology. When he joined the MSA, he believed that his lifelong dream to visit the stars would soon be within his grasp. 

 His thesis on FTL technology would prove to be right, and three days before he turned 25, Daniel finalized the paper that won him a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2123. However, his contract with the MSA resulted in the agency taking sole possession of his work. They went on to develop the FTL drive and successfully tested it two months after Daniel resigned from the agency. He was 27 at the time.

 In 2125, Daniel went on to found his own company, Omega Industries. Just months later he filed a patent for the Omega Drive, an improved FTL drive that could easily compete with the technology that the MSA stole from him. In 2127 Omega Industries was listed by the Interplanetary Rankings among the top 100 most influential companies of the 22nd century. In the same year, the MSA's scouting missions for inhabitable Earth-like planets requiring little to no terraforming had born fruit on Almuftaras-2, which would later be named Gloria. 

 When the colonization of Gloria began in 2129, Omega Industries became one of the first companies to set up a base on the planet. Avoiding the capital city Epicura, as the newly renamed Colonial Space Agency (CSA, formerly MSA) was in control of its development, Daniel settled in New Aurora. 

 Omega Industries successfully tested their Omega-2 Drive in 2132, creating an FTL drive that could travel at twice the speed of those still used by the CSA. Colonizing even more distant planets had become a possibility for humanity. In 2133, the CSA offered Daniel an apology, but he refused to accept it - even while Omega Industries entered a business agreement to supply the CSA the new Omega-2 Drive. Despite their differences, Daniel held onto his vision to let humanity walk among the stars.

When the alien invasion in 2134 occurred, Daniel had just made breakthroughs in a new conceptual propulsion technology that would have changed the future of interstellar travel forever. However, when the colonial troops of the CSA fell, and Epicura was overrun, Daniel understood that the future of all of humanity was at stake. He quickly organized shelters and an underground resistance, even before New Aurora was finally attacked. 

 In 2137, three years after the alien World Ship appeared over Gloria, Daniel was leading the resistance with its ever-dwindling numbers. While the city was able to avoid total annihilation, and they could record some minor victories against the alien ground forces, the overall direction of the war looked hopeless.That's when Tamara came to him...