KL as Tamara
KL as Tamara


KL is a skillfull CG Artist, Gamer and loves drawing. She is almost 25 years old. Her art (which can mostly be found on her instagram @vivecthegod) is mostly based around artificial creatures.

Here are some we like the most from her



Some information about Tamara.

Name: Tamara Osaki

Age: 26 (23 during alien invasion)

Job: Engineer for the Colonial Space Agency

Ethnicity: Asian-Caucasian

Height: 171cm

Weight: 58kg

Build: Lean

Hair: Dark brown in a ponytail

Eyes: Hazel brown

Any Distinctive Facial Feature: None

Likes: Coffee, sleeping in, casual superiors

Dislikes: Rigid hierarchies, when a machine doesn't work the way she knows it should work

Career Goal: Make it to chief engineer on a Seed Vessel

Personality: Outgoing, headstrong

Clothing: Not very conscious about fashion, prefers sturdy work clothes

Relationships: Single

Nationality: Earth

Language Fluent in: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese

Lives in: Downed alien craft (previously Epicura, in the Colonial Space Agency living complex)