Planet Gloria

Gloria is an Earth-like planet orbiting the red dwarf Almuftaras and is 13.8 light years away from the Solar System. In the Almuftaras system, Gloria is the third largest planet with 14,187km diameter and the second closest to the star.

Star System: Almuftaras


  1. - Thriam - 3105km diameter, ~290,000km/~360,000km apsides
  2. - Axion - 1294km diameter, ~420,000km/~432,000km apsides
  3. - Ziton - 989km diameter, ~190,000km/~195,000km apsides

The planet takes 26 hours to do a full rotation around it self (full day/night circle) and 379 days to do a full rotation around the solar system.

Gravity on Gloria is a bit heavier than earth (1.04 G). Its atmospheric composition is made of Oxygen, Nitrogen, traces.

Gloria has 17,871,800 (as of 22 May 2134) inhabitants which was reduced drastically after the invasion to 1,191,200 (as of 15 September 2137).


Gloria is a relatively young planet compared to Earth, with an age just over 2.1 billion years. However, it is geologically stable and possesses a remarkably hospitable atmosphere for humans, with a slightly lower oxygen content in the atmosphere. Gloria has all the climate zones one would also find on Earth, such as year-round ice-covered polar caps, large steppes, dense forests, and deserts.

Flora and Fauna

Before the invasion, Gloria had a thriving eco-system with many species of animals of varying sizes. Many fierce species live in the harsh wilderness and megafauna similar to a younger Earth is still widely present. With humanity came several invasive pest species such as rats and cockroaches, as well as imported livestock.

There are many undocumented species of coniferous and deciduous trees in the still unexplored reaches of the planet far from human settlements, but around the automated megafarms only introduced species of agricultural crops exist.

  • Mutated Frog Beetle

Mutated Frog Beetle is one of the animals that changed drastically after the invasion.  It can comonly be found in forest arenas or near lakes. Its short size, speed and ability to camuflage in the surroundings makes it a challenging enemy to counter.

  • Venus floor trap

The plant is buried under the floor, mostly in areas with very loose floor, like gravel or sand. The only thing sticking out is a pretty, vibrantly colored, little flower in the center. This flower is essential to recognizing where the trap enemies are located. Once triggered, the plant snaps closed and is revealed to be a big, venus fly trap.

The plant trap is primed as long as nothing has touched the area immediately around the trap flower. Once the player, an enemy, or any other physical object touches the area near the trap flower, the plant’s mouth closes shut quickly, quickly devouring enemies and objects, while slowly dealing damage over time to the player’s lower half.  Staying in contact with it for too long will cause you broken bones on the leg reducing movement speed.

  • Swooping Vulture

One of the deadliest and rare enemies you will encounter are the swooping vulture. Fast and strong, these enemies use the air to spot the prey and strike fast as a falcon

This design is not created by us, but is only used as an example showing how the animal will look.
  • Swamp Monsters

Swamp monsters are slaves that are used to gather minerals in mines. Mostly made from different alien races, these monsters variety on different strength levels. Their armor and guns are made from scrap metals and if they fire couple of times, their weapons will break down and they will turn to melee.  Part of them are a lot of humans too, who have been captured during and afer the invasion. You can chose to save as many of them as you can, but your choices will result on different consequences.  Most of them are not very intelligent and get distracted really fast from their objective. ( There's a chance that these enemies will stop attacking you and follow/attack an animal that might pass by at that moment)


Epicura - The capital of Gloria, depopulated after the alien invasion, it used to house the vast majority of the colony's population.

New Aurora - Second largest city of Gloria and final bastion of the resistance.