• Backstory

Three years ago it appeared. A gigantic spacecraft eclipsing the distant sun arrived at Gloria and spewed forth an armada of landing ships carrying a warlike alien race. With the radio signal to Earth being jammed, the planet was isolated from the rest of humanity, and the small colonial garrison was unable to stem the tide.

Within the first year, the aliens killed or rounded up the vast majority of the humans living on the planet. Forced to strip-mine the bountiful resources of Gloria, the colonists have been turned into slaves for an eternal war machine. Massive structures now loom over the ruins of the largest cities and spew toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. The planet is slowly being transformed to sustain the ever-growing population of the new alien overlords.

Gloria is dying, and so is every remaining human on her.

Follow Tamara, an engineer formerly working for the Colonial Space Agency, on her quest for survival in this new hostile world. Living in a downed alien craft far from human habitats since shortly after the invasion, she has continuously labored to repair the ship for the sole purpose of leaving the planet with it. After more than two years, she is missing only a few components that will return it to working order.

But to find these, she will have to venture out into dangerous and unknown territories.

Along the way, Tamara will see with her own eyes and experience with her own body the effects of the alien invasion. She will have to choose between leaving her fellow humans to a fate worse than death to save her own life or jeopardize her chances to leave the planet for the safety of Earth.

  • Planet Gloria

Gloria is an Earth-like planet orbiting the red dwarf Almuftaras and is 13.8 light years away from the Solar System. In the Almuftaras system, Gloria is the third largest planet and the second closest to the star. It is a relatively young planet compared to Earth, with an age just over 2.1 billion years. However, it is geologically stable and possesses a remarkably hospitable atmosphere for humans, with a slightly lower oxygen content in the atmosphere. Gloria has all the climate zones one would also find on Earth, such as year-round ice-covered polar caps, large steppes, dense forests, and deserts.